constipation: spiritual meaning, causes & Emotional healing

constipation spiritual meaning, causes & emotional healing
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Constipation is a common issue that many people face, but have you ever considered that there may be spiritual reasons behind it? In this blog, we will explore the deeper meanings behind constipation and how it can be related to spiritual imbalances. By understanding the root causes of constipation, we can begin to address them on a deeper level and find long-lasting solutions for our well-being.

Energy Stagnation: A First and Third Chakra Imbalance

One of the main spiritual causes of constipation is energy stagnation. Our life force energy, also known as Chi, Prana, or Key, needs to flow freely in the body for optimal functioning. When this energy encounters blockages along its path, it can impede energy flow to the bowels, leading to constipation. Emotional factors, such as fear and worry, can contribute to this energy stagnation. Additionally, sedentary lifestyles, over-exercise, and upper body tension can constrict the flow of energy, preventing it from moving down and out of the body.

To release this energy stagnation, there are various approaches you can consider:

  1. Tension stretching
  2. Warm baths with Epsom salt
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Acupressure
  5. Massaging with essential oils

These nurturing treatments can help release both physical and energetic stagnation, providing relief for constipation. However, for more effective and long-lasting results, incorporating energy healing practices such as Qigong, Reiki, and lightwork can address the imbalances that contribute to constipation.

Emotional Blockages: Letting Go for Digestive Health

Another spiritual cause of constipation lies in emotional blockages. The large intestine is closely tied to the emotion of grief, and extended periods of grief can create an imbalance in the energy of the lung and large intestine meridians. This disharmony between the upper and lower body can weaken the large intestine energy and contribute to constipation. Additionally, pent-up anger and frustration can lead to liver chi stagnation, which further affects digestion.


To release emotional blockages, it is important to actively participate in the healing process. Mindfulness of feelings and the body can help identify where emotions are showing up and allow for active presence with them. Practices such as journaling, meditation, and active forms of yoga can deeply impact the mind, heart, and body’s digestion, promoting emotional release and healthier bowel movements.

Being Disconnected from the Body: Control and Power Struggles

For some individuals, constipation can be a result of being disconnected from the body or attempting to exert too much control over it. This can be common in children who go through phases of holding their poop due to various reasons. However, some adults may still struggle with this issue as well. By considering the deeper root causes of this issue, such as fear, embarrassment, or control issues, we can begin to address them and find relief from constipation.

Reflect on the following questions to understand if you may be disconnected from your body:

  1. Do you honour the urge to defecate or constantly delay it?
  2. Are you afraid or embarrassed to use public restrooms or go in a house full of people?
  3. Do you try to control the timing of your bowel movements too much?
  4. Are there other areas of your life where you exert excessive control over timing?
  5. Do you strain and force bowel movements when your body is not ready?
constipation men
constipation men

Journaling or discussing these questions with someone who understands or a coach can help you delve deeper into the spiritual causes of your chronic constipation. Connecting with your power centre and learning to respect yourself more deeply can be key to finding relief and improving your overall well-being.


Constipation can be more than just a physical issue; it can have deep spiritual roots. By understanding the spiritual causes of constipation, such as energy stagnation, emotional blockages, and disconnection from the body, we can begin to address these imbalances on a deeper level. Incorporating practices like energy healing, mindfulness, and self-reflection can help release physical and energetic stagnation, promote emotional well-being, and restore harmony to the digestive system.

FAQs About Constipation

What is the meaning of spiritual constipation?

Spiritual constipation goes beyond the physical realm, signifying a blockage in the free flow of spiritual energy and growth. It implies a hindrance in the release of negative energies, preventing the individual from advancing on their spiritual path. This metaphor suggests a need for self-reflection, introspection, and the removal of obstacles that impede spiritual progress. It encourages individuals to explore practices that promote spiritual liberation, such as meditation, energy healing, or connecting with one’s inner self.

What emotion is associated with constipation?

Constipation is often linked to emotions of frustration, inhibition, and the struggle to let go. Emotionally, it may mirror the difficulty in releasing negative thoughts, feelings, or experiences. This emotional congestion can be reflective of a broader challenge in expressing oneself or dealing with unresolved issues. Recognizing the emotional components of constipation opens the door to holistic approaches, combining physical remedies with emotional release techniques like mindfulness or therapeutic practices.

What is the significance of constipation?

The significance of constipation lies in its role as a messenger, signalling imbalances in physical, emotional, or spiritual aspects. It prompts individuals to pay attention to their overall well-being and consider factors such as diet, stress levels, and emotional health. Constipation acts as a mirror reflecting the need for balance and harmony, encouraging a comprehensive approach to address the multifaceted aspects of one’s life.

What is the root cause of constipation?

Obstipation’s root causes are diverse and can include inadequate dietary fibre, dehydration, sedentary lifestyle, medications, or underlying health conditions. On a deeper level, constipation may also be rooted in unresolved emotions or spiritual disharmony. Addressing the root cause involves a thorough examination of lifestyle choices, emotional well-being, and spiritual alignment to establish a holistic approach to digestive health.

What chakra has to do with constipation?

Constipation is often associated with imbalances in the sacral chakra, located in the lower abdomen. The sacral chakra governs emotions, creativity, and the flow of energy. An imbalance in this chakra may manifest physically as constipation and emotionally as difficulties in expressing oneself or feeling creatively stifled. Practices that activate and balance the sacral chakra, such as meditation or yoga, can contribute to restoring both emotional and physical equilibrium.

What chakra helps constipation?

Balancing the sacral chakra is instrumental in addressing constipation. The solar plexus chakra, located in the upper abdomen, is also relevant as it influences digestion and energy flow. Practices such as chakra meditation, energy healing, or incorporating specific yoga poses that stimulate these chakras can aid in relieving constipation by promoting harmony within the energetic system.

What emotion does the bowel hold?

The bowels, particularly the lower abdomen, are often associated with the processing and release of emotions related to fear and anxiety. Emotional tension can manifest physically, impacting the digestive system and leading to conditions like constipation. The bowels may hold onto unexpressed emotions, emphasizing the mind-body connection and the importance of addressing emotional well-being for digestive health.

Is constipation a psychological problem?

Constipation’s psychological dimensions are significant, with stress, anxiety, or unresolved emotions contributing to or exacerbating the condition. The mind-body connection underscores that psychological well-being directly influences physical health. Integrative approaches that consider both psychological and physical factors, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy or stress-reduction techniques, can be valuable in managing constipation.

What emotion is connected to the bowel?

Emotions like fear, anxiety, and stress are closely connected to the bowels. The “gut feeling” often reflects the intuitive and emotional responses housed in the digestive system. Understanding the emotional components linked to the bowels emphasizes the need for emotional awareness and stress management to maintain a healthy balance between mental and digestive health.

Why am I eating a lot but not pooping?

Eating without a corresponding increase in bowel movements could result from various factors. In addition to dietary considerations, lifestyle factors, stress levels, and emotional well-being play a role. It’s essential to assess the balance between food intake, physical activity, and emotional health to understand and address potential contributors to changes in bowel habits.

What are the 10 most constipating foods?

The 10 most constipating foods typically include low-fibre, processed, or dairy-heavy options. Foods such as cheese, red meat, fried foods, and refined grains can contribute to constipation. Recognizing and moderating the intake of these foods is essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Conversely, incorporating fibre-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, can promote regular bowel movements.

What simple trick empties your bowels?

The simple trick of starting the day with warm water and lemon is believed to stimulate bowel movements for some individuals. This combination supports hydration, aids digestion, and encourages the body’s natural elimination process. However, individual responses vary, and additional lifestyle adjustments, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity, contribute to overall bowel health.

What is the spiritual meaning of the bowels?

Spiritually, the bowels symbolize a centre of deep intuition and emotional processing. This perspective views the bowels as a reservoir of inner wisdom and a receptacle for spiritual insights. Acknowledging the spiritual meaning of the bowels involves paying attention to intuitive guidance, emotional release, and the holistic connection between the physical and spiritual aspects of one’s being.

What does the stomach represent spiritually?

Spiritually, the stomach is often considered a centre for emotional digestion and integration. It represents the place where emotions are processed, assimilated, and transformed. Exploring the spiritual significance of the stomach involves recognizing its role in emotional well-being, intuition, and the interconnectedness of physical and spiritual aspects.

Can emotional blockage cause constipation?

Emotional blockages can indeed contribute to or intensify constipation. Stress, anxiety, or unresolved emotions can impact the autonomic nervous system, affecting the digestive process. Emotional well-being is closely intertwined with physical health, and addressing emotional blockages through mindfulness, therapeutic practices, or emotional release techniques can play a crucial role in alleviating constipation.

Where do you press for constipation?

Acupressure points associated with constipation are often found on the abdomen. Pressing or massaging points such as Stomach 25 (located on either side of the navel) or Large Intestine 4 (found on the hand between the thumb and index finger) may stimulate bowel movements. However, it’s essential to approach acupressure with care, consulting a healthcare professional before attempting such practices.

How does constipation affect energy?

Constipation can impact energy levels by causing discomfort, bloating, and a general sense of lethargy. The body expends energy on the digestive process, and when hindered by constipation, individuals may experience fatigue and a lack of vitality. Addressing the root causes of constipation contributes to overall energy balance and supports a more vibrant and active lifestyle.

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