Unlocking the Mystical: Cat Sleeping Above My Head and its Spiritual Meaning

Cat Sleeping Over Head Meaning
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It is pretty common for people to tell me that their kitties sleep on their head at night. There are several reasons for this nobody knows for sure but my guess is that most likely the common reason is that the cats do it for warmth. People lose most of their body heat through their head and your kitty can feel that so, they wrap right up against your head to get that warmth other things as well maybe

they like the smell of your hair especially as women we often use products in our hair and sometimes the cats really like that smell or the feel of the hair I often have people tell me that the cats lick their hair too and so I think it might be some of those hair products that we use being that close to you and picking up your scent might also give them a sense of comfort to your pillow might just be a really comfy place to sleep so as long as the kitty is not disturbing your sleep it’s fine to let the cat do that and enjoy some time with your kitty

Cat Sleeps on Head
Cat Sleeps on Head

So why does your cat sleep on you?

Let’s break it down and give you the best answer. So, the next time your cat sleeps on you, you can go, oh, I know why you’re doing this. Let’s get going.

Reason Number 1

Why your cat would sleep on you.

It’s about   warmth. It’s about a warm place. Cats are just heat seeking feline missiles. They will find that   one little sliver of sunny spot in the house and sleep right there.   Sometimes your cattle sleep on the heat vent or your computer, or in my case, they always figure out a way to sleep on the modem. We put off lots of heat, especially while we’re sleeping. I mean, I am that heat source when I’m sleeping And that’s one of the reasons why they will lay on top of you.

Cat sleeping
Cat sleeping

And for those of you who have found that your cats don’t sleep here, but they sleep up here, you know right by your ears. That’s because no place on your body puts off more heat consistently than your head. And you know what? Because I love you guys. I will admit this. I abdicate the pillow all the time. I wind up like sleeping on the mattress while mostly usually gets to sleep on the pillow. Our number two reason why cats would want to sleep on you.

Reason Number 2

The second reason is it’s a territorial vibe. You know, first of all, think about the fact that when it comes to cats, they’re always leaving scent on things.  And they do that with all of the multitude of scent glands they have all over their body,  including on their sides right here on their head.That’s why they do that, you know, this kind of thing, all of that.

Cat sleeping on a person
Cat sleeping on a person

Think about  the couch or the bed where your scent is the strongest. So, then you figure out why  not just cut to the chase? Why do I? Why would I want to like body mark the bed or  body? I’m just going to body mark the human, and so they’ll just sleep on top of you and they’re always leaving scent on you. Territoriality is just such an important thing for cats. Marking territory, and that’s what they’re doing when their body rests on you.  

Reason Number 3

Number three, reason why your cat sleeps on you, and this is where we get into sort of leftover behaviours from kitten hood. They like to just huddle in two places that are safe and secure and warm and where they just feel like they’re protected. And that’s why you’ll see kittens just really get into every place around mom, they can. It’s not just about being fed, it’s about safety. And the same thing goes where if you’ve seen cats that like to curl up in boxes or places like that again, those closed in spots give them a sense of safety. And when it comes to kittens with each other, you see them sleeping together all the time huddled together, especially when they’re young.  We call that a what we call it, cuddle puddle. Like, I know the slang, you know, I mean, you kid with all your fancy sayings these days.  

cat sleep on the girl head
cat sleep on the girl head

But yes, it’s a cuddle puddle. But there is more of a scientific term for that. It’s called pillow, where they just use each other for, you know, a pillow. Isn’t that uber scientific pillow cuddle puddle? But you’ve seen cats cuddle in like that and when they sleep on you, that’s sort of that left over. I’m looking for safety. I’m looking to make sure that everything is secure and you are that source of safety and security. You take over that role, that maternal role as they get older. So, it is a leftover kitten type behaviour.  

The rhythm of your breathing and your heartbeat also reminds them of that comfort and security and safety and love that they felt cared for by mom. Because in that cuddle puddle, in that billowing situation, they are close to their mom’s heartbeat.  

So, you then become that for them, that reminder of love and security from kitten hood. And of course, at that point, if you’ve got like they’re cuddled into you and they’re listening to your heartbeat and the warmth of your body, now they start doing this, the little Smeargle, the little making biscuits, of course, again also left over from kitten hood that is like the kitten to mom trifecta. You’ve got it nailed at that point; you are officially the cat mom surrogate.  

Reason Number 4

Now, our final piece of the puzzle of why cats lay on you, and I wanted to say this after I was talking about, well, it reminds them of kitten hood, we’re forgetting the major piece of this. It’s because they love you. Your cats love you. That’s why they’re doing it. And the whole seeing you as a surrogate and cuddling into you and making biscuits and listening to your heartbeat and making sure they’re near so they can feel you’re breathing, whether it’s the body heat, all that, it’s a bond. It’s about the bond between you. It’s about the love between you. It’s about the relationship. And it’s interesting, isn’t it?  

Even the fact that we have to ask the question, why does my cat lay on top of me?  

At what point do we go? Well, my cat just loves me. That’s why they’re doing it, you know? You know, I did this as well when I saw the question.  For some reason, I thought to myself, why haven’t I ever asked that question to myself? I guess it’s because I always just assumed they loved it or they loved me, you know? And that is the case. These are all indications that the bond is really tight between you and your cat.

We think about them as being aloof, independent, you know, they don’t really care about us that those are the things that non cat people will say about cats. But the fact is, this is a demonstration of the opposite that they really are seeking out not just your companionship, but your love, what you bring in terms of safety and security and warmth and, you know, kitten hurt and all that stuff. But it all just translates into my cat loves me.  

Cat sleeping with Girl
Cat sleeping with Girl

I’m fascinated by the fact that we all of us somewhere in the back of our head. I think we buy into the stereotypes of cats, otherwise we wouldn’t ask this question all the time. And so, I just want to let you know if you are that person saying, why does my cat lay on top of me while I sleep? Why does my cat sleep on me now? You know your cat loves you. On top of everything, it’s not all territory.  It’s not all warm. It’s not all marking. It’s not all blah blah blah kitten hood. It’s about love, and it’s about a close-knit relationship.  


Now, I want to add this because  

I also know you guys and I know that there’s plenty of you sitting at home right now who are saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. My cat doesn’t lie on me. Does that mean that my cat hates me? See? Do I know you? Or do I know you? Don’t forget all cats are individuals, whether its what cats were exposed to or not when they were little.  

Whether it’s nature or nurture, they’re individuals. And some of the tightest relationships with cats I’ve had over my life. They didn’t sleep on top of me. one of me my soul mates in this life were Viloria, who was with me for over 20 years. And then those 20 years, she never not one single time was like, I wonder what it’s like to sleep on his neck or chest or in the top of his head.  Not one single time.

And whether your cat has a bed that sits on the nightstand and maybe they sleep in that, or whether they just come up and body mark your legs while you’re sitting on the couch, it doesn’t matter if you look for your cat is going to send you signals that they love you and it doesn’t have to be sleeping on top of you all the time you can train them to do something like that, but only come on, why would you do that? It’s just like, you will love me the way I recognize love. Damn it, you know, whether they’re sleeping on you next to you in the same room, on the bed, in the chair, nearby, in their own bed, rubbing up against your legs while you’re walking or meowing at you? There are so many different ways that your cat can say, I love you.

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