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Is it bad to have cactus in the house? While plants bring positivity in your home, cactuses are an exception. Cactus is a forbidden plant in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui belief, although cactus is beautiful but transmits bad energy. Bad energy is carried in their prickly and sharp thorns. It is said that if cactus is placed inside the house, it can bring stress or losses. That is why cactus should never be placed in a living room, bedroom or the front entrance. A living room is an area for you to relax. By placing a cactus plant there you may constantly be poked with its sharp pointed tips causing all sorts of disturbance. It will create negative energy and cause conflicts between family members.

Placing Cactus in Living Room It might cause disharmony and can turn it to a place of conflict instead of a place of cooperation and harmony.


Meaning Of Cactus Plant In Bedroom

Placing Cactus in Bedroom It will affect relationship. A bedroom is where you find comfort and peace while you sleep. You won’t want any form of negative energy to disturb your peace and sleep. If you have a cactus plant in the bedroom, you may get pricked every now and then. It will bring dispute or misunderstanding, so avoid placing this plant inside.

Cactus Plant In Bedroom
Cactus Plant In Bedroom

Meaning Of Cactus Plant In Kitchen

Placing Cactus in the Kitchen The kitchen is a place where you cook food for the family and guests. Placing cactus in the kitchen would likely to spoil the food as they emit negative energy which could transfer onto the meals that you are preparing and eventually to the people who are eating that food.

Cactus Plant In Kitchen
Cactus Plant In Kitchen

Meaning Of Cactus Plant In Entrance

Don’t place cactus plants too close to the entrance or the main door. You want this area to be as free as possible for new refreshing energy to come into your home? So, make sure to place your cactuses away from your house that is more than 50 meters.

Cactus Plant In Entrance
Cactus Plant In Entrance

Meaning Of Cactus Plant In Office

 Placing cactus in office attracts evil people. It is very common to place a cactus in the office besides the computer because it is it prevents radiation but the negative part is that it will attract nasty people or negative energy to obstruct you in your work.

Cactus Plant In Office
Cactus Plant In Office


So, it is recommended to replace cactus by other green plants. Friends, according to Vasthu, thorny plants like cactus, etc. except roses should be avoided because they provide negative energy. So, make sure they are not positioned in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room or other prohibited areas. Otherwise, they may affect your life.

Always place your living cactus plants outside your house in a sunny spot with good flow of air and make sure it should be placed more than 50 meters away from your house.


What do cactus represent spiritually?

Cactus holds deep spiritual significance, representing not only endurance and adaptability but also embodying the idea of protection in various cultural contexts. The ability of cactus to thrive in the harshest conditions is often seen as a metaphor for facing and overcoming life’s challenges, making them powerful symbols of resilience and strength.

Is cactus lucky or unlucky?

The perception of cactus as lucky or unlucky is nuanced and depends on cultural beliefs. In some cultures, cactus is considered bearers of good fortune, symbolizing the triumph of life over adversity. Contrastingly, in other belief systems, the presence of thorns on cacti may be associated with negativity, suggesting caution and the potential for obstacles.

What is the power of the cactus plant?

The inherent power of the cactus lies in its remarkable adaptation to arid environments. The capacity to store water in its tissues enables the cactus not only to survive in harsh conditions where water is scarce but also to provide a valuable resource in times of drought. This unique ability underscores the plant’s resilience and self-sufficiency.

Does cactus have positive energy?

Cactus is often thought to radiate positive energy due to their ability to endure and thrive in challenging environments. The symbolism associated with cactus suggests that they not only contribute to physical well-being but also emit a kind of spiritual positivity, fostering a sense of protection and strength in their presence.

What are 3 benefits of cactus?

  1. Endurance and Resilience: cactus symbolize endurance and resilience in various spiritual traditions. Their ability to thrive in arid and challenging environments serves as a metaphor for navigating life’s difficulties with strength and tenacity. Incorporating cactus symbolism into spiritual practices can encourage believers to withstand adversity and emerge stronger.
  2. Protection and Warding off Negativity: Spiritually, cactus is often associated with protective energies. The thorns on cactus can be seen as symbolic guardians, warding off negativity and providing a shield against harmful influences. Placing cactus in living spaces or using their imagery in spiritual rituals may be believed to create a protective barrier and promote a sense of security.
  3. Adaptability and Transformation: cactus remarkable adaptability to harsh conditions is spiritually significant, representing the ability to transform and thrive in adverse circumstances. Incorporating cactus symbolism into spiritual practices may be a way to embrace change, encourage personal growth, and inspire individuals to adapt positively to the ever-changing aspects of life.

Why is cactus special?

Cactus stands out in the botanical world for several reasons. Their unique adaptations, such as modified leaves and the development of spines, not only help them conserve water but also create a visually striking appearance. Furthermore, their ability to thrive in environments that might be inhospitable to other plants adds to their special nature, making them resilient and captivating specimens in the plant kingdom.

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